Trustee Indemnity insurance

Trustee Indemnity insurance for your charity

As charities and organisations grow in size, the importance of a board of trustees or management committee increases. When people volunteer as trustees to support you and help to look after the best interests of your charity you may want to consider how you protect them.

Our Trustee Indemnity charity insurance can also help organisations to attract and retain trustees and some may be reluctant to serve without it.

Our Trustee Indemnity charity insurance includes:

  •  Protection against maladministration of funds
  •  Cover for breach of duty, trust, and authority

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Why would I need this cover?

Trustee insurance offers financial protection to individual board members in the event that they are sued due to mismanagement in their role as a director or trustee which is detrimental to the organisation they serve or parties having an interest in it.

Most not-for-profit groups will have trustees or management committees, which means that this insurance should be considered as part of the protection you choose to provide to those who help guide your organisation.

For Example:

Trustees of a cricket club commission a new pavilion after a firm promise of a grant. They never receive the funds and are unable to pay for work which has already begun. The builder subsequently sues the trustees of the club and their Trustee Indemnity policy covers the costs of the claim.

At present we refer to trustee insurance as either Trustee Indemnity Insurance (in our Insight Policy Wording) or Financial and Administrative Liability (in our Select Policy Wording). Although similar, they do provide different covers, so please talk to us or read your policy wording for detailed information about what is covered.

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